Price data is provided by Magma ATS in real-time, when available. All rights reserved. Magma ATS is an alternative trading system operated by Tor Brokerage LLC.

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For more information about Tor Brokerage, please click here. Securities permitted to trade on Magma are Tape A, Tape B, and Tape C Regulation NMS securities, except for tick-size pilot securities.  

Client Consent of Waiver for Orders Sent to Magma ATS

Client acknowledges and understands that when it sends orders to Magma ATS, Client may not receive any better-priced executions resulting from compliance with the Order Protection Rule requirements of Regulation NMS. In those instances in which Client sends orders to Magma ATS, Client hereby elects to waive receipt of any better-priced executions in connection with those orders. Client understands that by waiving receipt of any such executions, its order may not be executed at as favorable a price as may have been available had it received such executions.